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Game CXLIX Open Thread - The Pale Hoes of Chicago versus the Royals of Kansas City

James Shields versus John Danks. Two enter. One comes out alive.

Cy Danks.
Cy Danks.
Hannah Foslien

With the Royals in a complete tailspin, it would appear that it's James Shields Time. Of course, this simply means that it's time for James Shields to stave off irrelevance for one more day before the rest of the Royals get their shot at punting away their shot at a playoff berth with lackluster offensive efforts and shoddy defense that has morphed into those dismal defenses of yesteryear with alarming rapidity.

The opposing pitcher, John Danks, has been terrible for three seasons, but that doesn't mean a whole lot for these Royals who spent the past weekend making Allen Webster and Joe Kelly look good. Danks sports a 5.05 ERA, 4.86 FIP, 4.67 xFIP, and 4.66 SIERA thus far this season with a dismal 5.93 K/9 and 3.35 BB/9. Even Don Cooper can't make him can't make Danks good again.

Of course, these Royals have a knack for making substandard opposing pitchers look like world beaters, so look for Cy Danks to roll over the Royals tonight, making for a pitching duel that your great-grandchildren will ask you about in 60 years.