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Game 150 Overflow Thread: Not a terrific start

Casey Coleman playing a big role, just like we thought he would.

Ed Zurga

Bruce Chen played the biggest practical joke of his career by sneaking back into the stadium, convincing everyone he was Jason Vargas, and allowing nine hits and five runs in less than four innings of work. Chenvargas departed, leaving Casey Coleman to enter the game, validating the post I made back in March: "Casey Coleman will pitch in a pivotal game for the Royals in September."

Things are out of control, the Royals trail 10-0, the Tigers will probably put in their backup quarterback pretty soon. I took my son to a Harlem Globetrotters game this past winter and let's just say that game was way more competitive than this one.

But hey, it will make for one amazing comeback, right? We're counting on you Joe Nathan.