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Royals Rumblings - News for September 2, 2014

The calendar reads "September." The Royals are still in first place. Hold me, I'm scared.

Ed Zurga

Royals Rumblings - News for September 2, 2014

Eric Hosmer returned to the lineup after missing a month with a hand injury. His return creates a bit of a logjam with Billy Butler returning to designated hitter only to find Josh Willingham and Raul Ibanez getting time there as well. How will Ned Yost parcel out playing time?

"I’ve got a bunch of guys I can mix and match with," Yost said before the game against Texas. "But I’ll tell you: Whoever gets hot is going to play....

Butler declined an interview request. "Not today," he said when a reporter asked to speak with him. He has expressed dissatisfaction in the past with losing playing time.

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Just a few months after being drafted by the Royals, Brandon Finnegan finds himself playing for the big league team.

"It’s crazy," Finnegan said. "It’s definitely been whirlwind."

Royals Review writer Jeff Zimmerman, writing for Fangraphs, takes a look at Alex Gordon's defensive numbers and concludes that maybe Alex isn't really getting better.

Putting it all together, the jump in Alex Gordon‘s total WAR to a league leading value really has nothing to do with Alex Gordon. He is the same defensive player he has been over the past few season. What has happened is the league wide level in talent has fallen off in left field thereby boosting Gordon’s numbers substantially. If Alex Gordon gets any MVP love, he may want to thank more than his Royal teammates. The real help came from the rest of the league.

Sports on Earth says the Royals are one of the most compelling storylines to watch in September.

They have a stealth MVP candidate in Alex Gordon. They have a fantastic, deep, flame-throwing bullpen. They play really good defense. But most of all, they have an absolutely starved fan base. Royals fans have put up with a lot, for a long time, and now that the team on the field is giving them something to be excited about, the K has been raucous for quite a few games.

Lee Judge is twittering again, handing out free knowledge.

We have our first managerial firing of the year, after Houston manager Bo Porter tried to express his frustration with General Manager Jeff Luhnow to ownership.

Phillies pitchers combined to throw a no-hitter. Surprisingly, it didn't come against the Royals lineup.

The Phillies also traded Kansas City-native outfielder John Mayberry Jr. to the Blue Jays.

Grantland has an outsider's guide to loving college football.

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith got PAID.

Your fantasy football team probably sucks because its hard to predict how good running-backs will be.

Here is your transfer deadline tracker for that other kind of football. looks at the highs and lows of the 2014 summer movie season.

Your song of the day is for the Royals in front of these home crowds. It is Queen with "Under Pressure."