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Game CXXXVII Open Thread - The Rangers of Texas versus the Royals of Kansas City

Derek Holland versus Jeremy Guthrie in what could be a very ugly game for either team.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's match-up between the virtual co-owners of first place in the AL Central and the worst team in baseball pits crappy crafty righty Jeremy Guthrie against Derek "Pit Stache" Holland.

This marks Derek Holland's first start of the season. The lefty, whose dog decided to take him out on a flight of stairs in January, underwent microfracture surgery on his left knee. In his rehab starts, he has not been particularly effective.

Of course, Holland faces off against Jeremy Guthrie, who despite what various broadcasters would like you to believe has been pitching rather poorly as of late. In his 11 starts since June 29th, Guthrie has thrown 67.0 innings, striking out 48 while allowing 19 walks, 83 hits, 5 hit batsmen, 8 home runs, 44 runs (41 earned), good for a 5.51 ERA. The DIPS naysayer poster boy has suffered a .347 BABIP over these 11 starts, presumably in part the byproduct of a 26.0 LD%. His WPA over this time has been a dreadful -1.030.

The Royals will field this lineup:

The visiting Rangers will consist of:

One would hope the Royals can take advantage of playing a weak opponent, but it's hard to feel too comfortable about this game given the fact that Jeremy Guthrie is throwing tossing tonight.