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Game CLVI Open Thread - Kansas City vs. Cleveland

Danny Duffy versus the suddenly great Carlos Carrasco

Get down!
Get down!
Duane Burleson

The Royals send Danny Duffy to the mound tonight to face off against the Racists' new shutdown righty Carlos Carrasco.

The word "new" is strange in this context, of course, because Carrasco has been in Cleveland for a while. But much like we saw with Zack Greinke after his sabbatical, Carrasco came back to the rotation after a stint in the minors and a stretch in the bullpen. Carrasco came back with a fire in his belly and flaming fastballs. The increased velocity from the pen has followed him into his starts, and he is pitching like a hoss.

The Royals need Duffy to eradicate the Racists' attack tonight as they cannot afford to drop two games today with just six remaining after today.