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Royals Rumblings - News for September 23, 2014

Fangraphs says we have 96% chance of making the playoffs. So why am I still worried?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for September 23, 2014

Royals owners David Glass says he won't prevent Dayton Moore from jumping ship to Atlanta, but adds, why would he want to leave this paradise?

Glass indicated Monday he was not worried about Moore leaving. He stressed the close ties between himself, his son — team president Dan Glass — and Moore. In that vein, Glass explained he "would firmly believe" Moore lacks interest in running the baseball operations department of another franchise.

"We’re all in this together," Glass said. "It’s not like employer-employee relationships, or anything. It’s more like Dayton’s a part of the family. We’re all working together to get to the World Series. He’s got that commitment out there. I’m not concerned about that."

We're in this. Together.

Rosenthal adds a bit more.

The Washington Post's Norman Chad says everyone should root for the Royals because Kansas City is awesome.

You’ve probably never heard of their manager, Ned Yost, a backup catcher in the 1980s with a .212 career batting average, who then worked briefly as a taxidermist in Jackson, Miss., after his playing career ended.

(When the Milwaukee Brewers hired Yost as their manager in 2003, it was primarily because he had the highest WAR and BAPIP among taxidermists in the South.)

Lee Judge explains how to argue with an umpire.

The main rule is the hitter or catcher never looks back at the umpire. Turning around and looking at the ump lets everyone in the stands know the hitter or catcher is having words with the guy in blue behind them. The hitter or catcher can disagree with a call, but they’re supposed to stare straight ahead — at the pitcher — while they do it.

Read more here:

I bet Chris Getz did it the "right way."

Last night was a big win.

Jesse Spector of The Sporting News is handing out his hardware, and mentions Alex Gordon in the MVP race. He names Ned Yost as second in Manager of the Year balloting, behind - Joe Girardi?

Major League Baseball has formed a committee to study the pace of the game. In six months, expect a committee to study the pace of committees that are studying the pace of the game.

Its about time a nice guy like John Rocker got some attention.

K-State on football Saturday's is a pretty special place, according to Steven Godfrey.

The three-boobed woman from "Total Recall" is now real.

News reporter drops f-bomb, quits live on the air. Stay classy, San Diego. likes a lot of things about the new Fox show "Gotham", just not the dialogue.

Hooray, its not just the United States with sexist filmmakers!

If you like food and restaurants, check out Vox's re-launch of "Eater."

Your song of the day is Michael Jackson with "We're Almost There."