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Royals Rumblings - News for September 24, 2014

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so......scared.

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Royals Rumblings - News for September 24, 2014

Sam Mellinger had his Twitter Tuesday, and a reader wanted to know if only making the Wild Card "coin-flip" game would make this season a failure.

No. Absolutely not. I mean, we’re all free to think of these things in whatever way makes the most sense to us, and I understand a lot of fans will agree with you. But I can’t get there, and honestly, looking at a playoff appearance as a failure after 29 years is crazy to me.

I understand it’s one playoff game instead of a series, and there is a bit of a feel of a Tuesday night in Dayton for the NCAA Tournament with that.

But, guys. That’s a playoff spot. The last time the Royals did that, a lot (most?) fans watched on TVs that did not have remote controls. If the Royals get in, they will have given their fans an incredible ride of 162 (or 163?) games, ups and downs that alternately made it feel like the whole thing should be blown up and that they might never lose again. They would have crashed baseball’s playoff party with fabulous defense and the kind of lockdown, 98 mph bullpen that the sport rarely, if ever, sees.

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Andy McCullough answered some questions from Royals fans, and gave his thoughts on what the Royals might do with a post-season rotation should they get that far.

That’s the great unknown, and it’s one the Royals won’t touch publicly just yet. Both Duffy and Ventura would be weapons out of the bullpen, while Guthrie’s stuff likely wouldn’t play up that much in relief. I’m not sure that’s the best reason for moving a player like that into the bullpen, but Ned Yost appears to trust only three relievers, with Brandon Finnegan working his way into the discussion. You probably need more than four trustworthy relievers to go deep into October.

But . . .

Duffy and Ventura have been better than Guthrie in pretty much every category this season. They are the better options. This isn’t particularly difficult to discern. But the Royals may go in a different direction, in order to fortify their bullpen.

Just in case the Royals host a Game 163....

The only way that is necessary is if the Royals and Athletics tie for the last Wild Card, which seems unlikely at this point.

Former big leaguer and Fox Sports analyst Gabe Kapler gives three reasons why the Royals will make the playoffs (VIDEO).

USA Today sees powder blue skies ahead for the Royals.

Royals prospect Hunter Dozier is excited about the large crowds at Kauffman Stadium, and thinks he can put his struggles in 2014 behind him.

The Royals are hoping Dozier takes a major step in 2015, at least enough to consider pushing him toward the big leagues by 2016.

And if Moustakas suddenly finds his offensive game, the Royals have talked internally about moving Dozier to right field.

The organization believes Dozier has the arm strength and athleticism to make the transition quickly, as Alex Gordon, another ex-third baseman, did years ago.

Dozier would welcome any switch that gets him to the big leagues faster.

"I would not be opposed to that," he said. "Any position would be fine. They haven't said anything to me about it. They still want me to work at third really hard.

"But if the time comes and they want me to work at another position, I definitely would not be opposed to it."

Alcides Escobar has switched agents.

Escobar was signed with Kinzer Management, who negotiated a four-year $10.5 million deal (with two $5 million club options) for Alcides back in 2012.

Jeremy Guthrie is speaking out against climate change.

Wade Davis has broken the franchise record for most strikeouts by a reliever - 104 - set by Jim York in 1971 and Greg Holland last year.

Here is Brandon Finnegan using his change-up to strike out Jose Ramirez on Monday.


Not too shabby.

Lee Judge celebrates productive outs, citing Mike Moustakas' ground out in the fifth inning of Monday's game as a key point.

Former NFL kicker Rob Bironas, who died in a car accident this week, sounded like a pretty swell guy.

Look, soccer player Asamoah Gyan did NOT kill a rapper as human sacrifice, as he stated in his press conference!

Christopher Orr is celebrating the Coen brothers 30 years of films, and he finally crowns their best film - "No Country For Old Men."

Has Netflix made us not care about spoilers anymore?

The most disappointing new TV shows since 2004.

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star in season two of "True Detective."

Your song of the day is The Pointer Sisters with "I'm So Excited."