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Game 159: Royals at White Sox, beginning of the end

The first game of the final regular season series. This is your discussion forum.

Foreshadowing the state of the players?
Foreshadowing the state of the players?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Ignore all the stupid shows starting on network cable. Ignore your growling stomach. Ignore your complaining spouse. Ignore your whining children, if you have any. Actually, don't ignore your growling stomach. Get some nachos. Tonight, the Royals have a chance to clinch a playoff spot, which means the visitor's clubhouse at US Cellular could be pulled over for driving later after all the champagne spray.


The Royals play against the Chicago White Sox tonight, but there are no clinching scenarios since Seattle won 7-5.

Thankfully, the Royals won't be seeing Chris "Paranoid" Sale, but they still have to deal with Jose Quintana. Quintana, while perhaps not quite as good as Sale, is no slouch himself. He's got almost as much fWAR as Sale but in 19 more innings. He is equally effective against righties and lefties. He has stifled home runs in a home environment very conducive to home runs (1 HR at home in 85.2 innings).

The Royals will send up James Shields for his last regular season start. Overall, Shields has had a very Shields-ian season. He's battled through some inconsistency, but he's a good bet to keep the Royals in the game.

Here are multiple Tweets of the lineup for tonight.