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OT Friday Thread: Procrastination and theoretical spin-offs

The playoffs (or "playoffs," depending on your point of view) are increasingly nearing certainty. Rather than bicker about what the Wild Card game means, why not answer random questions generated by an unstable person?

Rick Diamond

1. Without being able to choose the manager/head coach of a team for whom you consider yourself a fan, who is your favorite play-caller, and what sets them apart from the rest for you?

2. With the second Rafi and Dirty Randy-centric episode of The League having aired this week, what minor characters on a television program would you most like to see get a spin-off series of their own? No, you cannot choose Coach Lubbock from Growing Pains or Harriett from Perfect Strangers.

3. While he or she may not be the author you would consider to be your favorite, which author(s) do you feel compelled to read whenever they have a new release? If you don't read books, there is no alternate question. Read a damn book.

4. I'm writing this all in the wee hours of the night. The "Charlie Got Molested" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is on. Re: the McPoyles: "Oh yeah, they were prime real estate. I'm sure he went to town on them." What's the most inappropriate thing you found hilarious? [Totally weird coincidence: Matt Shakman, who played J.R. on Just the Ten of Us, directed the next episode of Sunny that aired on Comedy Central.]

5. The reason I'm writing this in the wee hours of the night is because I squandered the greater part of the night accomplishing nothing on the internet despite wanting to sit down and plow through a book. What is your go-to procrastination activity?

Boner #1: Colin Farrell or Vince Vaughn?

Boner #2: Rachel McAdams or Taylor Kitsch?