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Royals Rumblings - News for September 4, 2014

Really wish we could play Texas every day.

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Royals Rumblings - News for September 4, 2014

Vahe Gregorian writes that September will be the true test of "the process."

"The only thing we have right now is what we’re experiencing," Moore said. "There’s no guarantee what the future opportunities will be.

"So you try to capture the moment and realize the significance of it."

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Baseball Prospectus examines why Danny Duffy has had such a successful season with his ERA.

Duffy isn’t as good as his current 2.42 ERA says he is, despite implementing multiple improvements. Not with a strikeout rate circa league average and a walk rate slightly above. He’s still a good pitcher, though, with room to grow, and more importantly, a willingness to take instruction in order to do so. He was always a regression candidate, and that remains the case—but what he’s done is make his surface stats far more sustainable than they ever were before. Duffy might not be what his ERA purports him to be, but he’ll be more than adequate going forward, and he slots in well as a third or fourth starter in a fantasy rotation.

Lee Judge imagines a utopia where we didn't have stats in baseball.

What if the only stats recorded were team wins and team losses?

And then — as long as we’re fantasizing — what if all the money were put in a pool and players were paid based on how many wins their team had?

How would the game be played then?

Right now, players play to put up numbers. That’s how you get paid. And it can lead to selfish baseball. Play hot grounders off to the side. If you miss one, you won’t get tagged with an error. Forget hitting the ball to the right side to move a runner over. Try to drive him in yourself. Don’t let someone else have that RBI. And if you don’t feel 100 percent, don’t play. You might be better than the guy replacing you even if you’re at 80 percent, but why risk your numbers by playing hurt?

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Bob Lutz at the Wichita Eagles points out it would be remarkable if the Royals were to make the playoffs with a sub-.700 OPS.

We’ve come to take offense in baseball for granted. But the 2014 season could produce the first team in the American League since 1976 to make the postseason with an OPS of under .700. And that team is none other than the Kansas City Royals (.692 OPS, who are in a dogfight with the Detroit Tigers in the American League Central.

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Dick Kaegel profiles new Royals pinch-runner Terrence Gore, possibly the fastest man in baseball.

"I've had people tell me that he could possibly be the fastest guy in baseball," Yost said.

Gene Watson, the Royals' director of professional scouting, hears the same thing and what he's seen on his own is, well, eye-opening. Like Gore's speed down the line to first base.

"Three-point-seven [seconds]," Watson said. "He's off the charts."

Andy McCullough writes that with Christian Colon out, the Royals need Jayson Nix and Johnny Giovatella to step up.

Grant Brisbee handicaps award season for the American League with some mention for Alex Gordon

Guy goes from anonymous podcast caller to big league pitcher. I'll get my arm loose.

How "Saved by the Bell" created the American tween. has ten things you need to know about weight loss, BILLY BUTLER.

Surely Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would go back to piloting airplanes to promote Wisconsin? And don't call me Shirley.

Whatever the outcome this October, this has been a fun season. Your song of the day is Coolio with "Fantastic Voyage." (possibly NSFW).