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Thursday OT Thread

Another Thursday, another day without baseball in Kansas City.

Our Hero.
Our Hero.
Ed Zurga

The Royals get a needed off day. There are plenty of rumblings about overuse of the three main bullpen guys, so every one of them getting a day off is nice. Even though it is an off day, Alex Gordon's monumental abilities probably afford him other opportunities to fix Kansas City's problems.

For example, I am sure Alex has sped up the timeline for all road construction projects. That bridge over 435 and Roe will be done in no time due to Gordon's influence.

I bet Gordon has also visited each public library in the city and paid each one's overdue fees and replaced the overdue books so that they can continue to make money by temporarily lending knowledge to people.

In true Bob Barker spirit, Alex has probably neutered and spayed all stray animals in the metro area.

Alex Gordon has also made sure that all soup in the city is served at the perfect temperature, Goldilocks style.

Finally, Alex Gordon has re-parked all cars that were incorrectly parallel parked. He's really good at parallel parking. Hunter Pence is not, or so I've heard.

Let's get to some questions.

1) Otters are pretty adorable animals. My wife loves the otters showing up in recap comments after wins. What is your favorite animal you can view at your local zoo? If you haven't been to your local zoo, then phooey.

2) I'm reading the Tales of Dunk and Egg, a spinoff from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. You know, the Game of Thrones guy. The Tales of Dunk and Egg are short stories but highly engaging and give nice background to the universe Martin created. I do enjoy the whole book series, but there is something to be said for standalone short stories/books. It seems like a lot of books these days are part of a series, or at least the ones that are popularized. Do you prefer standalones or series, or do you hate books?

3) As part of our wedding anniversary gift to each other, my wife and I bought a record player. I was skeptical of our potential use of it and was worried about how we might justify the cost. However, after buying it, we've really gotten a lot of use from it, and it's helped restore some of our dinner routine. What is a purchase you've made that you had a difficult time justifying at the time but found that the purchase was really quite worth it?


1) Epic Rap Battles of History or Epic Meal Time?

2) Red wine or white wine?