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Royals to have four upcoming games nationally televised

We are nationwide.


The Royals are one of the more compelling storylines in baseball this year, and everyone is in on the action. The Royals will have four games on national television for the upcoming week, including every game of their upcoming Tigers series.

It starts this Saturday, September 6 in New York as the Royals take on the Yankees. Fox Sports 1 will broadcast the game nationally, meaning no coverage from Fox Sports Kansas City. First pitch is at 3 p.m. CT. This will be the last time Derek Jeter ever faces his rival Kansas City Royals on a Saturday afternoon. This also marks the Royals fourth appearance on Fox Sports 1 this year. Here is our previous post that shows where you can find Fox Sports 1 with regional carriers.

Monday and Tuesday's games in Detroit against the Tigers will have huge implications for the division and will be carried on MLB Network. Those games will be blacked out in Kansas City and covered locally by Fox Sports Kansas City. Monday's game has an odd 3:08 CT start time. Tuesday's game is a 6:08 CT start.

Wednesday's game in Detroit will be covered nationally on ESPN on Wednesday Night Baseball. The game will still be carried locally on Fox Sports Kansas City, with ESPN's feed blacked out in Royals areas. First pitch is 6:08 CT.