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Danny Duffy has shoulder inflammation, will miss next start

Good news?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The test results have come back for Danny Duffy and they are cautiously optimistic. The Royals have announced Duffy has shoulder inflammation in his rotator cuff, and will miss at least one start. They say the shoulder is "structurally sound" which sounds great if it was just hit by an earthquake.

Liam Hendriks will presumably make Duffy's next start Thursday at home against Boston. The Royals say they will re-assess Duffy's condition in three or four days. Hendriks gave up four runs, three earned in four innings in a spot relief appeareance on Saturday against the Yankees when Duffy exited. Hendriks has a 3.27 in 11 innings for the Royals this year, having made a spot start a few weeks ago to replace Yordano Ventura.