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Royals announce 2015 schedule

Look at the roadmap for how the Royals can win back-to-back-to-back championships.

Jamie Squire

The Royals today released their 2015 schedule, which will be the Royals first chance to defend their inevitable championship this season. The season will start Monday, April 6 at home against the Chicago White Sox. All teams will begin the year on Monday, April 6, except for the game chosen for Sunday, April 5 on ESPN after fans and teams complained about staggered season starts on this year's schedule.

In interleague play, the Royals will host the St. Louis Cardinals on May 22-24, the Cincinnati Reds on May 19-20, the Milwaukee Brewers on June 17-18, and hte Pittsburgh Pirates on July 20-22. The Royals will make trips to St. Louis on June 12-14, Wrigley Field in Chicago to face the Cubs on May 29-31, Milwaukee on June 15-16, and Cincinnati on August 18-19.

After the home series against the White Sox to begin the year, the Royals immediately go on the road for a six-game road trip to Anaheim and Minnesota. The club will have two ten-game road trips, from July 27-August 6 with stops in Cleveland, Toronto and Detroit, as well as September 11-20 at Baltimore, Cleveland and Detroit. The longest homestand is an eleven game stretch going into the All-Star break where the club will host Minnesota, Tampa Bay, and Toronto. The club has a ten-game homestand from September 7-16 when they host the White Sox, Tigers, and Angels.

The Royals will be home for Father's Day (against Boston), Independence Day (against Minnesota), and Labor Day (also against Minnesota). The Royals end the season with a six-game road trip to Chicago to face the White Sox, before ending the season in Target Field in Minnesota.

The complete schedule is available here:

2015 schedule