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2015 Royals Spring Training

Royals vs. Dodgers: Spring Training Game 29 Thread

I wish the word 'fool' would be used more often.

Spring Training Game XXVIII: Royals at Padres

One last look at Wil Myers before gazing away with a hole in our hearts.

Spring Training Game XXVII: Royals at Rangers

Kansas City goes for the Surprise sweep.

Spring Training Game 26 Open Thread

Only one week away from baseball that actually counts

Royals V. Diamondbacks: Spring Training Game XXV

An afternoon jaunt as teams ramp up for the start of the regular season.

Royals vs. Mariners, Spring Training game 24

I'm already sick of the Mariners.

Royals vs. Mariners, Spring Training Game 23

Spring Training plugs onward.

Ned Yost hints at Royals' batting order

It's not as bad as one would assume.

Royals Spring Training game 22 open thread

A late-night game thread where we welcome back our best pals at Fox Sports Kansas City.

Spring Training Game XXI: Royals at Giants

Spring Training Game XXI: The Royals of Kansas City at the Giants of San Francisco. Volquez versus Peavy in a World Series rematch.

The Royals roster battle for the 25th man

Who will receive Ned Yost's final rose?

Royals option Brandon Finnegan to the minors

The lefty will be headed to Northwest Arkansas to be a starting pitcher.

Royals vs. Giants: Spring training Game 20

Where we get our revenge

Royals v. White Sox: Spring Training Game XIX

Gordon's back. Back again. Gordon's back. Tell your friends.

Royals vs. Padres: Spring Training Game 18

The Wil Myers trade is re-litigated.

Royals vs. Rockies, Spring Training Game 17

The Royals are losing their iron grip on the Cactus League title.

Royals vs. Brewers Spring Training Game 16 Thread

A rare game against the Brew Crew.

Royals vs. Cubs: Spring Training Game 15

A preview of the epic clash to be witnessed at Wrigley this summer?

Spring Training Game XIV: Cleveland at Kansas City

Spring Training Game XIV: Cleveland at Kansas City. Cleveland comes to Surprise. Get ready for a WAR.

Royals vs. Rockies:Spring Training Game 13

The President of Russia is missing. Could he be in Arizona watching the Royals?

Royals V. Angels: Spring Training Game XII

The Royals are 10-1. The Chiefs are not. So there's that. BASEBALL!!!

Royals vs. Athletics: Spring Training Game 11

The return of Billy Butler.

Royals vs. Indians, Spring Training game 10

Well on their way to 18-11.

Royals spring training recap: March 12

What is the Royals magic number for clinching the Cactus League title?

Royals Split Squad Games: vs. Reds and Padres

The Royals will split up to take on two teams, with Michael Irvin and Cris Carter choosing the teams.

Searching for insight on Bubba Starling

The local kid has seen more K's than perhaps he would like.

Featured Fanshot

Will Ferrell to play in all Cactus League games on Thursday

Where does he play on the Royals?

Royals vs. White Sox: Spring Training Game VII

Chicago at Kansas City in Surprise. Welcome to the jungle.

Royals at Brewers - Spring training game 6 thread

Vargas versus Nelson. A match-up for the ages.

Royals V. Reds: Spring Training Game IV

Blue V. Red in an epic Oni duel to decide absolutely nothing.

Royals vs. Indians, Spring Training Game Three

Finally, a non-Rangers opponent.

Royals vs. Rangers, Spring Training Game 2 thread

The second iteration of playing baseball before playing actual baseball occurs today.


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