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2015 Series Previews

Astros Series Preview: ALDS

Who is the dominant force in the American League now?

Twins Series Preview: Prepping for October

The Royals have a good chance at winning this series because its ALWAYS OCTOBER.

White Sox Series Preview: The final week

Let's wrap things up for October.

Cubs Game Preview: A prelude to the playoffs

Both teams have a playoff spot locked up, but this could be an October preview.

Indians Series Preview: What's left to play for

The Royals have to avoid a hangover and finish the season strong for home field advantage

Mariners Series Preview: So close to clinching

Just like everyone predicted.

Tigers Series Preview: Mathematically eliminated

Here we are with two weeks to go and Detroit is done. Wow.

Indians Series Preview: Cleveland's surging

Orioles Series Preview: Not quite an ALCS re-match

Chessmaster Buck Showalter has run out of moves.

Twins Series Preview: It's not time to panic...yet

Last weekend was just three games, but the losing needs to end now.

White Sox Series Preview: Defense matters

You catch the ball. You throw the ball.

Tigers Series Preview: Not the race we expected

We thought this might be a big series.

Rays Series Preview: Does anyone care?

Expect small crowds for the Royals this weekend.

Orioles Series Preview: An ALCS re-match

But these O's ain't Royal.

Red Sox Series Preview: Who are the Red Sox?

Its a very different team that won it all in 2013, with more change coming.

Reds Series Preview: Cueto returns

Johnny Cueto and John Lamb will get to see their former mates, but neither is scheduled to pitch

Angels Series Preview: Last shot at a contender

After this weekend, its all smooth sailing.

Tigers Series Preview: A team in transition

Detroit is not the scary division rival they once were.

White Sox Series Preview: Getting right at home

The White Sox have played better lately, but are still a team the Royals should beat.

Tigers Series Preview: Not the race we anticipated

The Royals and Tigers seemed like world-beaters in April. What happened in Detroit?

Blue Jays Series Preview: Buyers be buyin'

The Royals and Jays both made some waves in the days up to the trade deadline.

Indians Series Preview: What happened to them?

Cleveland was a pre-season darling, but now sit in last place. What happened?

Astros Series Preview: October preview?

We may find out who is the "dominant force in the league" this weekend.

Cardinals Game Preview: Unfinished business

The teams make up their rained out game from June 14

Pirates Series Preview: Small market giants

The Pirates and Royals used to be the poor laughingstocks of baseball. No more.

White Sox Series Preview: The second half begins

Trips to Chicago can be dangerous, but hopefully the Royals stick to baseball.

Blue Jays Series Preview: The best run difference

The Blue Jays have the best run differential in the league, but are just above .500.

Rays Series Preview: The walking wounded

The All-Star break can't come soon enough for these two teams

Twins Series Preview: A surprising contender

Those pesky Twins won't go away quite yet.

Astros Series Preview: A showdown of top teams

The two best teams in the league meet at the end of June - Royals and Astros, just like everyone predicted.

Athletics Series Preview: Battle by the Bay

So....we gonna fight or what?

Mariners Series Preview: The battle is on

Grass Creek is as good as ours!


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