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2015 Series Previews

Red Sox Series Preview: The tables have turned

The Royals are now the first place club, with the Red Sox sitting in the cellar.

Brewers series preview: The Yost returns

How you like me now?

Cardinals Series Preview: Its not a rivalry

Just a friendly series of games between two sports teams.

Twins Series Preview: These guys are in first?

What kind of devilry is this?

Rangers Series Preview: Texas is no longer awful

The Rangers are a team to be reckoned with.

Indians Series Preview: Don't count 'em out yet

The pre-season darlings are starting to play like the team people thought they were.

Cubs Series Preview: #RoyalstoWrigley

Let's make the "Friendly Confines" friendly for the Royals.

Yankees Series Preview: Battle in the Bronx

If the Royals can make it here, they can make it anywhere.

Cardinals Series Preview: Show-Me Showdown

No matter what high school you went to, this is a big series.

Reds Series Preview: Scouting Johnny Cueto

Could Johnny join the Royals rotation before too long?

Yankees Series Preview: Life Post-Jeter

If A-Rod reaches a milestone and no one celebrates it, did it really happen?

Rangers Series Preview: Deep in the heart of Texas

How has this team fallen so far, so fast?

Tigers Series Preview: First place on the line

I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of series like this

Indians series preview: A contrast in defenses

The Royals are terrific at defense. The Indians? Not so much.

Tigers Series Preview: A battle for first place

Its early, but this is a big series.

Indians Series Preview: What's up with the Tribe?

The pre-season media darling has stumbled out of the gate.

White Sox Series Preview: Taking on the Central

The Royals are in a long stretch against division foes.

Twins Series Preview: Back to baseball

The Royals need to avoid a let-down series after an adrenaline-filled weekend.

Athletics Series Preview: Billy Returns

Billy's home, y'all.