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The 2014 interviews: Bryan Busby

2014 was amazing. We're asking people what they thought of it. Today: Bryan Busby

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For the Kansas City Royals, 2014 was as magical as it gets.  From a broken 29-year playoff drought to a stunning walk-off Wild Card win to the AL Pennant to 90 feet from a world championship at Kauffman Stadium, the Royals' season was extraordinarily memorable.

In this weekly series, I will interview a fan, writer, or member of the Kansas City community about their thoughts regarding the Royals' 2014 and their place in it.

Today's interviewee is Bryan Busby, aka @BryanBusbyKMBC.  Busby made the trip across Missouri from St. Louis to Kansas City in the fateful year of 1985, joining KMBC.  In the 30 years since, Busby rose to the position of Chief Meteorologist and has been a reliable TV fixture helping us to weather the Kansas City weather.  In addition to his meteorological duties, Busby is an accomplished timpanist and musician, and we have performed numerous times together with the Liberty Symphony Orchestra (next concert on February 21, should your offseason boredom move you to seek some good music).


How did you become a Royals fan?

I became a Royals fan as a kid growing up in the American League city Cleveland, Ohio when I first saw the stadium and the fountains the first year it opened. I thought the outfield was beautiful and the layout of the seats made it so that every fan was able to really have a good view of the action.

What was being a fan like for you during the 29 year playoff drought?

It was difficult. I never lived in a city where the teams would be going to a championship of any professional sport. LeBron came to Cleveland after I left. The Cleveland Browns became the Baltimore ravens after I moved away and I moved here in 1985 from St. Louis right after the series so I have missed it all. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride ha ha.

What did the AL pennant and World Series appearance mean to you?

It was an amazing feeling. Everybody in the metro was so galvanized behind that team with a sense of pride and accomplishment there is no substitute, with the exception of taking it all.

How did the Royals' success change what it was like in the newsroom?

The news business is always constantly shifting and changing whether it be breaking news or preparing for covering major storms, so we are used to shifting sand. However, instead of changing our schedules for tragedies or disasters it was a pleasure to know the reason that we are making moves was a positive event full of civic pride.

Which player did you enjoy watching most on the 2014 AL Champion Kansas City Royals?

It is rather childish, but I just loved "Moose", because I got a chance to say and yell his nickname across the office, much to the chagrin of my coworkers.

Do you think the Royals can sustain this energy going into 2015?

I sure hope so. I know everybody wants to be number one in their field so the determination is there. Now it's just a matter of us assembling the right personnel to make it happen all over again!