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Jeremy Guthrie has racked up travel rewards points this off-season

A veritable master of the credit card points game, Guthrie is able to travel the world for pennies.

Jeremy on one of his travels.
Jeremy on one of his travels.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The typical route of taking a vacation might look something like this: save money each month until you have enough to blow it on a week in Hawaii or Los Angeles or wherever it is you think about going. You book your flight with money. You book your hotel with money. Then you have a lot less money.

Jeremy Guthrie knows another way.

As someone who has been traveling for a long time, Guthrie knows the points game. The idea is to generate nigh-unlimited amounts of credit cards rewards points by signing up for credit cards, getting the bonuses, and then canceling the cards before you have to pay the annual fee. There are so many credit cards available that it's actually possible to nab hundreds of thousands or even millions of points in a year, as long as you have good credit.

You can sign up for one card and get basically a round-trip flight free. You can sign up for another card and get two free nights at a hotel somewhere. Or you could sign up for 53 cards and get over 2 million points! You get points for booking travel with points on your points cards! There's just no end to the double and triple dipping that allowed Jeremy to accumulate so many points.

Guthrie has been using his points wildly this off-season. Take a trip through his Twitter account. did that get in there?

Anyway, here's Jeremy visiting a sock company whose locations are in New York and California.

Here's Jeremy taking a photo of Robinson Cano on a bus in Japan. Guthrie used rewards points to pay for 100% of the trip.

JGuts on a plane.

JGuts in an airport.

Here's Jeremy at the Rose Bowl.

Jeremy in Panama.

Jeremy taking another photo in another airport.

This is not a comprehensive review of his travels. Guthrie has been around the world and back this offseason all because he knows the credit card points game, and he has way more rewards points than anyone else. It's been said that he has accumulated over 1 million points just by traveling and over a million more through signing up for more credit cards.

He has traveled coast-to-coast. He traveled to the land of the rising sun and back for the setting sun. He used rewards points for all of it. He's paid the equivalent of a few cones of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery and half a tank of gas because, you know, airline fees and bag checks and red tape.

The only downside to this? Jeremy's sock drawer has become full of little pieces of plastic.