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Royals Rumblings - News for January 27, 2015

So you're saying there's a chance James Shields could return?

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for January 27, 2015

Dayton Moore leaves the door slightly ajar for a James Shields reunion.

"I’m not sure there’s a fit at this time," Moore told The Star in a telephone conversation on Monday. "But who knows?"...

"You’re always open-minded," Moore said. "There’s no reason to ever completely close the book, and move on from opportunities that would make your team better. But obviously we had to put our team together, based on what our beliefs were and are."

Craig Brown at Royals Authority continues his review of the Royals roster by evaluating the enigmatic Mike Moustakas.

Mike Moustakas is the new Pedro Feliz. Think about it. That’s… less than ideal. The above list has some familiar names. There have been a few third basemen who haven’t been adequate at the dish. Brandon Inge, David Bell, Tom Brookens and Feliz all got far too many plate appearances with a less than average bat.

We are getting to the point where the frustration level should be building that the Royals continue to employ Mike Moustakas as a full-time third baseman. Yet, aside from a brief sojourn to Omaha last summer, he has been THE GUY for the Royals. It’s understanding they want (and need) their high draft pick to succeed. As a fan, I want him to succeed, too. But there is simply too much evidence to ignore.

Denny Matthews has opinions on how baseball can improve the pace of the game.

"Actually, you could solve everything without a pitch clock," Matthews told "You do two things: Keep the batter in the batter's box, and call a strike a strike. That's it. Problem solved."

Matthews doesn't believe pitchers are necessarily at fault for the slow pace of play in baseball. He believes there has been a series of events over the decades that all have conspired to create longer games.

"Mainly, it's about offense," he said. "People in baseball are scared to death of a 2-1 baseball game. People think those games would be boring."

There is actually less scoring now than in the 70s however, and game times are still up.

Shortstop Raul Mondesi tops the list of Royals prospects for Baseball Prospectus.

Beyond the Boxscore votes Alex Gordon one of the top 45 players in baseball.

John Viril at KC Kingdom remembers one-time Kansas City Monarch and baseball legend Ernie Banks.

Royals pitcher Brandon Finnegan was given an award by the Texas Rangers - the Texas Professional Player of the Year Award.

Grant Brisbee thinks eliminating extreme shifts might be kind of stupid.

Roger Goodell has a long history of favoritism, ambition, and mooning.

Grantland takes a deep dive into the Royal Rumble, which was not about Eric Hosmer.

It seems ESPN's NBA Draft export Chad Ford may be going back and retroactively editing his draft boards to make them look better.

Sling TV won't end cable as we know it, but something like it will.

Apparently its snowing on the East Coast.

Why can't robots understand sarcasm?

Crocheted shorts for men are a things now. Josh Duggan recommends you wear them with sandals.

Your song of the day is Janet Jackson with "Come Back to Me."