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Sign our petition to get Mitch Maier invited to spring training

Together...we can make a difference

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Royals released the list of non-roster players they will be inviting to spring training, and while there are some intriguing prospects and potentially useful bench players, there was one glaring omission on the list.


Mitch Maier, who signed with the Royals last summer and played for Northwest Arkansas and re-signed again this January to a minor league deal, is a six-year Major League veteran. He is a career .248/.327/.344 hitter who can play all three outfield positions and provide a solid left-handed bat off the bench.He can even pitch if needed, as he did in both 2011 and 2012. He has yet to give up a run!

Most importantly, Mitch Maier is a fan favorite on this site, stemming from this fictional letter from camp from back in 2011.

O I forgot to tell you that I also got to play on Thursday. It was a day game and someone was tired, so maybe that was why. I was just happy and tried to slide as many times as possible to show I was tough. I slide across the limoleum in the bathroom of the lockerroom to show I was ready. The guys liked it. Most of them are really nice dudes. i hope I am not two tired after playing so much, but I bet I won't be. If I am I will just not swim so much at the hotel  pools ery night.

That's our Mitch!

Mitch is 32 years old and may not have much baseball left in him. If he gets cut the first day, so be it. But he deserves a chance.

Do the very least (literally, the very least) you could possibly do and sign our petition to get Mitch Maier invited to spring training.