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Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2015

Royals Review will always be beyond the break-even point.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2015

Hunter Samuels at Kings of Kauffman looks at what it might cost to lock Lorenzo Cain up long-term and compares the ALCS MVP with Pirates outfielder Starling Marte.

Since Cain is starting at a higher point, his future salaries will need to be higher as well. I might suggest something along these lines:

2015: $2,300,000

2016: $4,500,000

2017: $7,000,000

2018: $10,000,000

2019: $11,500,000

Then the Royals could add a team option of $12.5 million with a $1 million buyout for 2020, and that’s $36.3 million in guaranteed money, which may seem steep compared to Marte’s deal. However, the Royals would be buying out 2 years of free agency instead of just 1 as the Pirates did, and Cain’s already in arbitration and is expected to top $2 million in year 1 of the deal. While Marte may be the superior player, Cain is closer to free agency, and that significantly helps his case.

Jeffrey Flanagan fills out his ballot for the Royals Hall of Fame, and Mike Sweeney tops the list.

As for Sweeney's stats, check them out:

-- Second all-time in franchise history in batting average at .299

-- Second all-time in home runs with 197

-- Second all-time in slugging percentage at .492

-- Fifth all-time in doubles with 297

-- Fifth all-time in RBIs with 837

-- Sixth all-time in on-base percentage at .369

-- Sixth all-time in hits with 1,398

In his prime, Sweeney was a major offensive weapon in the American League. His 144 RBIs in 2000 is a Royals single-season record that may never be broken.

Flanagan also gets a chance to talk to owner David Glass, who thinks the team is in a "strong position" to win the division.

Glass admitted that the payroll spike this season "will be beyond the break-even point." But Glass has visions of another World Series appearance.

"That's the plan," he said. "I'm optimistic, but I don't take anything for granted. I have been watching this game too long to take things for granted. You can get injuries and so forth.

"But we feel we're in a strong position."

Lorenzo Cain's jersey has been a top-seller for the Royals this winter.

Royals beat writer Andy McCullough was named Missouri Sportswriter of the Year. He no doubt got the Royals Review bump.

There is new hope for Royals fan Tim Grimes in his battle against cancer.

The Sporting News is already predicting a Cubs-Tigers World Series.

Former Royals outfielder Rick Ankiel has been hired by the Washington Nationals to be a "life skills coordinator."

The Cubs have sold the naming rights to their spring training stadium to a toilet-flush valve maker. It doesn't take a whiz to see that these revenues could aid them in their quest to be number one.

Kansas basketball recruit Carlton Bragg forgets which school he is committing to during his announcement.

The Mueller report is out, detailing what the NFL could have done better in the Ray Rice investigation.

Your new Hall of Fame class has already been on Letterman to do the Top Ten List.

Speaking of late night talk shows, famed scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is getting one on NatGeo.

Our sister site has your top places to eat in 2015.

Netflix refuses to say how many people watch its shows, and you should expect other networks to follow suit.

Your song of the day is Elvis Presley with "Suspicious Minds."