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Yordano Ventura "Throw Fire" t-shirts now available

Order now, and receive one in time for the ALCS!

BreakingT, the company we worked with last year to produce these snazzy Super Cain and Dancin' Dyson shirts, has come up with a new shirt for the 2015 post-season. With Yordano Ventura reclaiming his "ace" status for the Royals, you can now show your support of him THROWING FIRE.

These shirts are 100% not approved by Brett Lawrie, Mike Trout, Adam Eaton, or Jose Bautista.

If you order now, you can receive these shirts within the week, in time for the American League Championship Game which begins this weekend. With Yordano Ventura locked into a long-term deal, these shirts should be a staple at the K for years to come.

Fire will be thrown.