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ALDS Game Four Overflow Thread II: Royals vs. Astros

Two innings left.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Following a go-ahead double from Carlos Correa in the fifth in a game that was feeling like an episode of Los Dos Carlos Programa, the Royals mounted little in the way of an offensive attack against Astros' starter Lance McCullers.

The only threat the Royals have since mounted was when Salvador Perez was hit by a pitch in the seventh. Possibly concussed from the inning prior, Perez gave way to Terrance Gore, who immediately stole second with Alex Gordon at the plate. With Alex Rios batting, Gore swiped third cleanly but then came off the bag and was ruled out upon review with Luis Valbuena having kept the tag on him as his foot came off the bag for a second.

The Royals trail 3-2 heading to the bottom of the seventh. They have just two frames to save their season.