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National League playoffs Tuesday open thread

The Mets and Cubs can finish things off with the Cardinals sent home.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The mighty St. Louis Cardinals face elimination today, but they will face it the right way. John Lackey is assigned the task of keeping the Cardinals alive against Cubs starter Jason Hammel. The Cubs set a playoff record with six home runs in Game Three, so keeping them in the ballpark will be Lackey's #1 goal. The two teams are now underway on TBS.

In the nightcap, the Mets will try to finish off the Dodgers with left-handed rookie Stephen Matz facing Cy Young contender Clayton Kershaw. If the Mets prevail, there will be narratives, oh how there will be narratives! Clayton Kershaw is not a clutch post-season pitcher, the Chase Utley slide fired up the Mets, you can't buy clubhouse chemistry, and on and on. If the Dodgers win, we just get an exciting Game Five from Chavez Ravine on Thursday. The game tonight will also be on TBS, although it may start on TNT if the Cubs/Cardinals game runs long.