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Royals vs. Astros, ALDS Game 5 Game Thread

Win or go home. Pretty simple.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals have clawed their way back into the ALDS. Or, at least, that kind of seems to be the narrative. The Astros won, then the Royals won, then the Astros won. It was really only in the eighth inning of Game 4 when it seemed like the Royals were down and out, and that's when the clawing happened.

Nevertheless, Johnny Cueto squares off against Collin McHugh tonight in the deciding game. As we all know by now, Cueto has not had a good run in KC. During the regular season after the Royals acquired him, Cueto's 4.76 ERA / 4.06 FIP / 4.13 xFIP was not what we hoped to get. Cueto had an uncharacteristic BABIP and strand rate. His strikeout rate cratered. Other than not throwing as many strikes, it seems like everyone has struggled to find an answer for the Cuewoes. If that answer is not found tonight, the Royals will be going home.

On the other side, the Royals offense needs to find an answer for McHugh. He shut down everyone except Kendrys Morales in Game 1. Unfortunately, it is not possible to start Morales in each position (though it would be funny). The team will have to find an answer tonight, or else they'll be going home.

Only two answers to find. Not that hard, right?