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Royals Review Radio: Episode 11 - We Won the ALDS & Bluebird Banter

We don't actually fight any Blue Jays players on this podcast

They say that punctuality is a virtue if you don't mind being lonely. Another famous quote is that brevity is the soul of wit. What William Shakespeare was likely referring to is the concise and precise use of words, and not being short on time necessarily. Only on Twitter do I find brevity to have an impact on my life and I've never been described as having brevity when it comes to talking, writing, or thinking.

On this episode of Royals Review Radio we practice some brevity, but likely not enough brevity for William Shakespeare to be satisfied.

This particular podcast features two segments. The first segment your humble co-host is joined by Max Rieper, Gus Booth, and Matt Jackson; all writers on this very site.

You can find previous episodes here. Episodes are also available on iTunes.

Topics include:

Sir Joseph Bats

Poor team decisions based on things Madison Bumgarner did

The upcoming Blue Jays ALCS

Ben Zobrist: Honorary ALDS MVP

Sal Perez and unfortunate involuntary bowel movements

The "vibe" around Toronto courtesy of Matt Jackson

Throwing beer at babies

Fallout from the August Royals/Blue Jays fight

On the second segment we feature a rare guest, one Scott Cooke of Bluebird Banter. For the uninitiated, Bluebird Banter is the sister site to Royals Review but of course rather than focusing on the ALDS winning Royals, they instead focus on the ALDS winning Blue Jays. Why? That's a question for Scott and his colleagues that we unfortunately didn't cover.

Topics include:

The Blue Jays (of course)

Canadian geography

John Gibbons: gone but not forgotten and then returned

The number of "bullets" in David Price's arm

Aaron Sanchez is or is not a ROOGY but is definitely maybe not just a reliever

Letting go of prospects

Thomas John Surgery

Over under the number of brawls in the ALCS? 2.5

How to like Josh Donaldson the player, not the man

Baseball needs the hockey equivalent of a goon

Also is hockey a sport?


Introduction: ILoveMakonnen - No Ma'am

Break: Watch the Throne - Liftoff

Outro: Periphery - All New Materials

Supplemental links:

ALCS game times and TV

Royals win the ALDS

Royals vs Blue Jays in 1985

Bluebird Banter

Bluebird Banter ALCS primer