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Royals/Blue Jays ALCS Game 1 earns strong TV ratings on FOX

I guess people will actually tune in to see exciting teams from smaller markets.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Game One of the American League Championship Series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals drew strong television ratings on Fox, according to overnight ratings. The game drew a 4.0 rating nationally, up 29% from a comparable game last year, the Giants/Cardinals National League Championship Series Game One on Fox. Even better, the game drew a 1.7 among the 18-49 age demographic, a 60% increase over last year's Giants/Cardinals game. Overall, 6.2 million Americans tuned in to see the game, making Fox the second-most watched channel last night behind CBS.

The numbers are even more impressive considering the Toronto Blue Jays play in a non-American market not counted in Nielsen ratings. In the Kansas City market, the game drew enormous numbers, earning a 41.3 rating. The Royals have been big winners in local TV ratings all year, drawing the highest average rating over a full season since 2002. Conventional wisdom was that a game pitting a non-American market versus the second smallest market in baseball would be a big ratings loser, but through one game at least, it appears people want to tune in to see two very good, very exciting baseball teams.