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Friday OT Thread: Fears and expectations

I pity the fool who doesn't answer these questions.

Listen to Mr. T.
Listen to Mr. T.
Marcus Brandt/Getty Images

1. We all have our fears, irrational though they may be. What psychological hurdle did you have to overcome? Does it still creep into your life?

2. My wife--my wife!--started watching Black-ish a few months ago, and I sort of gave her a hard time at first, but within an episode or two, I was totally on board. This season's premiere was outstanding, which brings me back to being thankful for being wrong in the first place. What was the last thing that you had to admit you were totally wrong about to your significant other (or someone significant in your life)?

3. While I did not spend any time there or even get off the highway, driving through Downtown Phoenix, I was struck by how nice it looked. I assumed it was a dump, or at least devoid of character. Granted, the psychological rebranding was entirely superficial, but what was the last thing that flipped your expectations on their head?

4. I've had a handful of occasions that have led me to swear off ever using a business's services again. What's your biggest instance of getting screwed over by a business that led you down the path to never being their customer again?

5. It's been five weeks since I last had a drink. What thing should you give up in your life to better your health, but would totally take the wind out of your sails?

Bonus 1: Stand-up, sketch, or improv?

Bonus 2: People or places?