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Game 160 Open Thread: Kansas City Royals (92-67) vs. Minnesota Twins (83-76)

Deny the Twins the playoffs.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

The Royals have ended the season against the Twins an awful lot. In 1976, they were 90-69, having clinched their first ever division title entering a season-ending series against the 83-win Twins, and were promptly swept by Minnesota. In 1987, the Twins went into the last weekend with the division wrapped up, and were swept by the Royals.

In 2008, the Twins entered the last series up a half a game on the White Sox for the division lead with the last-place Royals in town. Trey Hillman's boys in blue took the first two games of the series, forcing the Twins to win the finale just to play a one-game playoff against the White Sox for the division title they would ultimately lose.

The Royals won the last series of the year against the Twins in 1978, 1980, 1987, and 2008. The Twins won the last series of the year against the Royals in 1970, 1976, 1992. 2009, 2011. Now is the time to deny the Twins the playoffs.

Salvador Perez is out of the lineup only because he's catching tomorrow afternoon's game. Kendrys Morales and Lorenzo Cain are out as a precaution after minor injuries this week. Morales is available to pinch hit. Chris Young goes to the hill for the second time since his father passed away last week. With a good start, he can give Ned Yost a difficult decision for the fourth spot in the post-season rotation.

Let's end the season on a high note!