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ALCS Game Four Thread: Kansas City Royals vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Chris Young versus R.A. Dickey in a battle of non-trads.

Come on, Princeton.
Come on, Princeton.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After a disastrous start from Johnny Cueto that let the Toronto Blue Jays back into the series, Ned Yost turns to 6'10" Ivy Leaguer Chris Young to try to maintain the Kansas City Royals' series lead in the unfriendly confines of the Rogers Centre.

A win would put the Royals up three games to one and mean they only needed one win in the final three games between the two teams to advance to the World Series.

A loss would draw the two teams even in the ALCS, turning the remainder of the series into a best-of-three affair.

Electing the go with Chris Young as the starter has been the cause of much concern amongst Royals fans, who have been fretting for two days over how Young's extreme fly-ball profile will play in the aggressively home-run friendly confines of the Rogers Centre. While there could be a silver lining in the possibility that Chris Young's profile when matching up against the stacked right-handed fly-ball-prone lineup of the Blue Jays will actually produce more harmless contact than one might expect, the silver lining comes at the fore of a major storm front. Thunder rumbles from within the billowing dark clouds growing over the turbulent skies of Toronto.

The Jays send a similarly risky pitcher to the mound in the form of R.A. Dickey. Nine days shy of his 41st birthday, the knuckleballer is a volatile pitcher to say the least, having allowed five or more runs on eight separate occasions during the regular season. For more detailed analysis of Dickey, Max has you covered here. Dickey is far from overpowering. Of course, he shut out the Royals for seven, two-hit innings in their only meeting this season, so who knows what will happen?

The Royals will field their playoff lineup, one so familiar that it needn't be re-posted here today.

The Jays will also field the same lineup they've had in every non-Estrada-pitched game of the series.

May your balls be Invisiballs, dear Christopher.

This game will be a WAR!