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ALCS Game Five Thread: Royals vs. Blue Jays

Finish the job.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals stand on the precipice of their fourth American League pennant, joining league titles in 1980, 1985, and 2014. They don't have things wrapped up quite yet. The Royals have been in the Blue Jays' position before. Well not these Royals, but there franchise forefathers back in 1985 The Royals trailed the Blue Jays three games to one in 1985, the first year the League Championship Series had expanded to a best-of-seven format. Those Royals got a huge pitching performance out of Danny Jackson in Game Five, an eight-hit complete game shutout. Even with the series shifting back to Toronto, the Royals edged out the Jays 5-3 in Game Six, then got a huge bases-loaded triple from Jim Sundberg to win Game Seven.

This is not written to be a downer, just to illustrate that the series is not over. The Royals still have work to do, and can finish the job this afternoon in Toronto. The Blue Jays are a good team, but they are a broken team. They have a short-staffed bullpen and a pitcher who has been living on BABIP-blessed borrowed time all season. The Royals have been red-hot offensively this series. Today is not the day to take the foot off the pedal.