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Estrada dazzles, Escobar doesn't get first pitch hit, Royals lose 7-1

The series returns to KC, Royals up 3-2

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals were going to have to return to Kansas City eventually and they were guaranteed to play one more game at Kauffman even if they won today's game. It would have been nice for them to come home victors, but instead they come home still ahead in the series.

Edinson Volquez was bad any way you split it. By earned runs he had a 9.00 ERA. By FIP it was 7.93 due to four walks with just two strikeouts. Volquez didn't seem to have poor control and may have gotten some tough luck calls by home plate ump Dan Iassogna.

Iassogna was really squeezing the zone away to righties on Volquez and giving Estrada the zone inside to them.

Still, Volquez was doing okay until the troublesome sixth inning where Yost left him in despite getting himself in trouble. Volquez would walk the bases loaded on some tight pitches to Jose Bautista

Those are 50/50 calls and they went against Volquez. That happens.

Yost left Volquez out a bit long and eventually brought Herrera in who gave up a bases clearing double to Troy Tulowitzki.

The Royals offense was lifeless for the entire game too really only getting their second hit of the game in the 7th inning. There were some signs of life in the 8th as Salvador Perez homered and Alex Gordon singled with two outs but the rally ended shortly after.

Josh Duggan writes really good recaps. Shaun Newkirk doesn't. This is an example. Let's go get them at Kauffman Stadium on Friday.