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Royals 2016 Steamer projections are out

A few Royals farmhands and role players could be quite valuable.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Fangraphs has released Steamer 600 projections for 2016 and here are projections for players currently in the Royals organization (although some of these players are no longer in the organization). Steamer 600 uses static playing time projections, using 600 plate appearances for hitters (450 for catchers), 200 innings for starting pitchers, and 65 innings for relief pitchers.

A few observations:

  • Alex Gordon projects to be the top hitter, by WAR, at 3.6. Gordon, Ben Zobrist, Lorenzo Cain, and Mike Moustakas all project to be 3 WAR players. Salvador Perez would be with more playing time, as he almost certainly would get
  • Ben Zobrist projects to put up nearly identical numbers to Alex Gordon
  • Eric Hosmer projects to be the best hitter at 117 wRC+, but his defense projects to drag him down value-wise
  • Long-time minor leaguers Jose Martinez and Balbino Fuenmayor both project to be 2 WAR players
  • Christian Colon and Cheslor Cuthbert each project to be 1 WAR players
  • Omar Infante projects to be replacement level with a 70 wRC+
  • Bubba Starling projects to hit .230/.282/.359 with negative Defensive Runs Above Average
  • Alex Rios projects to be a -0.4 WAR player, about the same as Jorge Bonifacio
  • Yordano Ventura projects to be a 3.3 WAR pitcher, a bit better than Johnny Cueto
  • Sean Manaea would have projected to be the third-best Royals starting pitcher
  • Glenn Sparkman projects as a 1.8 WAR pitcher
  • Steamer projects major regression for Wade Davis
Take these projections for what you will, just thought they might be interesting when thinking about next year.