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ALCS Game 6 Open Thread: Blue Jays at Royals

Is tonight the night, Royals fans?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Let's try this agin.

The Royals are one win away from their second straight World Series appearance. If they win tonight, they will hoist the American League pennant.

I'm not going to waste time talking about lineups. Ned Yost hasn't adjusted his at all in the postseason. The Blue Jays have their regular nine guys out there as well. The pitching matchup is intriguing: David Price, whose teams are 0-7 in his playoff starts, and Yordano Ventura, whose teams are 5-0 in his.

Look, we all know that Price is too good of a pitcher to not get a playoff win eventually. But if that streak could just continue for one more day, I'm perfectly fine with him going all Bumgarner next year.

Bring it home, Royals. It's time to literally #TakeTheCrown.