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Royals Review Radio - Episode 12: We're Going to the World Series (Again...)

We're World Series veterans

There's an old idiom about the fact that eventually even a blind squirrel will find a nut or some sort of indehiscence fruit. What this idiom does not describe though is exactly how many nuts this blind squirrel will find after the first nut. In the case of the Royals, they've found two consecutive nuts. Who is the blind squirrel in this scenario? One could argue it's Royals manager Ned Yost who despite all the critics and anti-saber ink spilled about him has found himself managing a World Series team in consecutive years. That's not an entirely crazy argument, but let me propose a different example: your humble co-host.

Somehow despite all earthly logic, this author, co-host, and unreliable narrator of truth finds himself writing about a World Series team for the second consecutive year. Most importantly though (to the author) the team he finds himself writing about is in fact his favorite team.

The nut from last year wasn't fruitful though. It was rotten...or at least it only beared an unfulfilling seed. The authors favorite team lost in seven games of the World Series. Hopefully the nut found this year births a bountiful harvest leading to trophies and triumphs.

You can find previous episodes here. All episodes are also available for download on iTunes.

On this episode of the podcast we have two segments.

The first segment includes two guests from Amazin' Avenues (Twitter accounts hyperlinked to names). Jeffrey Pasternostro (who also covers prospects and other non-Mets related content at Baseball Prospectus) and Greg Karam (who despite having a 30-grade Twitter presence, you should still follow).

Topics include:

Curtis Granderson: Not crazy old

The Wilpons, a negative connotation

Where's the power? featuring Dom Smith and Brandon Nimmo

Yankee Fans

Signing both Daniel Murphy and Yoenis Cespedes

Bartolo Colon vs Munenori Kawasaki

The book on Terry Collins

Goodbye Cesar Puello, thanks for all the sunflower seeds

The second segment doesn't feature quite as much non-Royals diversity however still features excellent guests. Those guests are the still married Minda Haas and Matt Jackson of Beyond the Box Score fame. The reader should read that previous sentence as containing two separate adjectives. They are not married to each other.

Topics include:

Minda's feelings while driving to Walgreens

Matt tries to not incite a pregnant lady

Royals rotation plans

Cueto home vs away

World Series predictions

Pitcher hair

Barbeque vs Bagels: Why?

Whiff rates


MLB Network does incalculable math

Lack of food around Citi Field


Introduction: The Wonder Years - An Elegy for Baby Blue

Interlude: Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust

Outro: Thrice - Melting Point of Wax

Supplemental links:

Amazin' Avenue

9 extremely important factors that could determine the World Series