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Royals walk off in 14, game inevitably ends, up 1-0 in series

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You can't really predict baseball. Ever. Don't even try. You would think you'd seen a lot in baseball. Maybe even you feel like you've seen it all in baseball. You haven't. You never will.

Alcides Escobar lead off the game with a first pitch inside the park home run on a misplayed ball by Yoenis Cespedes and Michael Conforto.

Probably don't field the ball that way Yoenis. However the Mets misfortune was the Royals fortune and they were quickly up 1-0 before even 30 seconds of game time had passed.

Matt Harvey and Edinson Volquez would both pitch well enough to cruise along unscathed until the 4th inning when Volquez yielded three hits in four batters to allow the Mets to even the score. The Mets would then take the lead the next inning on a Curtis Granderson home run that scraped the wall.

A 6th inning sac fly by Michael Conforto would give the Mets a two run lead. That lead though would die quickly in the bottom half of the sixth. Ben Zobrist led off with a double and Lorenzo Cain advanced him over to third on a single. A sac fly by Eric Hosmer (who now has more postseason RBI than George Brett) would put the Royals one run back. After Cain stole second Kendrys Morales would single him home and it would be three all.

The score would remain tied until the 8th inning. Juan Lagares singled with two outs then stole second base. Eric Hosmer would then make a near Bill Buckner type blunder and cough up a hard hit ball to him. This allowed Lagares to score and the Mets to lead again.

There was life however as Ben Zobrist would lead off the bottom of the 8th with a double (man he's good). For some unexplainable reason though ( did have an explanation but a dumb one) Lorenzon Cain decided to attempt a sac bunt. However this wasn't just a sac attempt on the first pitch, but on the second pitch two.

Not only is Cain a good hitter,but he's also a bad bunter. There's no reason  he should have been going for a bunt. It's not clear who called for the bunt, it was thought to be Cain himself, but somebody was wrong to do so.

Cain would strike out, Hosmer would strike out, and eventually the Royals would come up empty. After a clean top of the ninth, the Royals would come up against one of the best relievers in baseball: Jeurys Familia.


That's the point above where I was writing the article before things changed. I originally had the Royals losing 4-3 and going down 1-0 in the series. Here's proof:

However the whatever from high atop the thing would shine on the Royals and our savior Alex Gordon would take Familia deep over centerfield and tie the game in the ninth.

Then four more innings would happen. The Mets would get a runner or two on and nothing would come of it. The Royals would load the bases with two outs and nothing would come of it.

Chris Young would pitch and be awesome. Bartolo Colon would pitch okay for a bit. Just as you expected it to go.

Royals would load the bases in the 14th. Hosmer would hit a walk of sac fly. Shaun would phone in the end of this article because he's tired.

Royals up 1-0 in the series. Cueto/DeGrom in 17 hours.