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World Series Game One TV ratings best since 2009

All eyes on us.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Despite featuring the small market Royals and having play interrupted by the loss of the game feed by FOX, Tuesday night's Game One of the World Series drew strong television ratings. The game drew a 10.5 nationally, up 31% over last year's Game One between the Royals and Giants. It was the highest rated Game One of the World Series since the 2009 matchup between the Yankees and Phillies.

The game benefited from having the large-market New York Mets, who are in the World Series for the first time since 2000. The game drew a 26.2 ratings in the New York-area, compared to a 57.3 in the Kansas City area, with those ratings representing a percentage of the population. Those ratings in Kansas City are up 19% from last year's Game One and is the highest by any market for a Game One since 1996. More Kansas Citians tuned in to watch Game One of the World Series than tuned in to watch Super Bowl 49 last February.

FOX easily won the night, besting NBA Opening Night with the Cavaliers playing the Bulls on TNT.