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MLB playoffs prediction thread

Who ya got losing to the Royals in the World Series?

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

We should have had this up yesterday, but you know, we're taking days off to rest for the playoffs. Here is your MLB Playoff Predictions thread, where we make predictions as awful as the ones we made before the season started. Who do you think will walk home with a championship this year?

Here's your Major League Baseball post-season bracket.

SB Nation baseball writers give their MLB playoff predictions.

ESPN contributors give their playoff predictions.

USA Today writers predictions.

Here are your predictions from the Kevins:

Josh Duggan TOR KCR TOR CHC CHC LAD CHC CHC Jake Arrieta
Matt Jackson TOR KCR KCR PIT PIT LAD PIT KCR Alex Gordon
Shaun Newkirk TOR HOU TOR CHC STL LAD LAD LAD Clayton Kershaw
Max Rieper TOR KCR KCR CHC CHC NYM CHC KCR Mike Moustakas
Kevin Ruprecht TOR KCR TOR PIT PIT LAD PIT TOR Josh Donaldson
Joshua Ward TEX KCR KCR PIT PIT LAD PIT KCR Mike Moustakas

Did you know there has never been a World Series made up entirely of expansion teams? The American League is certain to send an expansion team to the World Series, but unless the Mets win the pennant, we'll have at least one "original" club in the World Series.

Who ya got winning it all?