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Royals Review Radio: Episode 10 - The Playoff Primer

The podcast is long because its ALWAYS OCTOBER

Often times when your spouse says that you need to "stop by" or "visit" your in-laws, he/she promises that it won't take long. "Don't worry... we'll be quick. We just have to say hello and sit and chat for a bit." Those experienced spouses though know that your spouse is lying to you. You are inevitably going to spend 2+ hours there watching CSI: Miami re-runs, being grilled over when you are going to have your first or next baby, and listening to them gripe about President Obama.

This same sentiment is normally expressed whenever we start recording the Royals Review Radio podcast. Generally there are only four or five items we have down to talk about, and assume maybe 10 minutes or so per topic. Much like the "in-law problem", Royals Review Radio hosts/guests always seem to go way, way, way longer than we plan to. Tonight's episode is no different.

You would think that having just two participants would lead to a quick conversation, but to our credit we are very good at going off-topic for too long.

On this episode of Royals Review Radio the host Shaun Newkirk is joined by solo-guest, and noted Savannah resident, Joshua Ward.

Topics include:

The Royals playoff roster

Not playing the Yankees

Playing the Astros

Wade Davis is historical

Josh and Shaun try summing numbers to get to 25

The oral history of Royals Review by Josh Ward

Abandoning Twitter

The indigestion that was the 2004-2008 Royals

Dogs barking

Jose Guillen

Sean Rodriguez


Intro: Lil B - New York Subway

Outro: The Band - When I Paint My Masterpiece

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Playoff Prediction Thread

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