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World Series Game 5 Open Thread

Is tonight the night?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It has been 10,962 days since Kansas City has a "big four" sports team bring home a world championship. On that crisp October night, Bret Saberhagen fired a complete game shutout as his offense backed him with 11 runs, piloting the Royals to their only world title. Tonight, that can all change and champagne can be popped.

If Edinson Volquez, just five days removed from losing his father to heart disease, can lead the Royals past the New York Mets on Sunday night, Kansas City will be champions of the baseball world. It's been a long wait for Royals fans, some of whom weren't alive when the team last hoisted the Commissioner's Trophy.

Here's to hoping that one of the longest, most painful droughts any of us have ever experienced comes to a close tonight. Bring it home, boys.