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Royals Review Radio: Episode 13 - We Are the Champions of Baseball

What would cause someone to live under a rock? Is there a real estate market for rocks as habitats? I should probably Google search this, but I don't think there are any creatures that live under or inside rocks. First, how would that creature get any air or sunlight? Secondly how does a creature live under a rock without dying? I think it may be possible to live in a rock, rather than under. Also are a creature's economics and current habitat so bad that they would or need to live under a rock?

Somehow if you've defied my entirely fallible logic and have been living under the proverbial rock, you likely would have missed the Royals winning the World Series depending on how long you were under said rock for. So in this podcast we cover not only the Royals World Series title, but also the plans not just for KC but for Royals review over the coming month(s).

Guests this episode include my co-co-host Matthew LaMar (who you can find on Twitter here) and our Editor in Chief  Max Rieper (who's Twitter is provided in this hyperlink). Per usual you can find this author's (Shaun Newkirk) Twitter here.

Previous episodes can be found here. Meanwhile you can download these episodes on both Soundcloud and iTunes here.

Topics include:

Eric Hosmer's poor but exceptionally fortunate baserunning

A non-Plaza parade

Wade Davis: Ridiculous and absurd

Kansas City geography

Maybe paying Alex Gordon large sums of money

Do we want to even live until 2018?

Eric Hosmer vs Alex Rios

Shaun forgets how posting fees work

Internally replacing Alex Gordon, Ben Zobrist, et all...

Conan O'Brien, Richter, and Comic the Insult Dog

Matt hates Christmas

A thanks to you, both readers and listeners



Introduction: Lucero - Smoke

Outro: The Faceless - Planetary Duality II