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Friday OT Thread: Master of None and "missiles"

The forest is a-waitin' for you this fine afternoon.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

It's been a while since we wandered down these familiar paths together. The trail is overgrown, but the undergrowth hasn't encroached upon the once well-trod ground upon which we ambled each Friday. So come back, friend. It's cool beneath the welcoming canopy of the forest.

1. If you could only choose one scientist, past or present but not future, to call your favorite, who would it be? Why?

2. Should we be concerned about that "missile" fired from a "nuclear sub?"

3. What is the last thing you saw shared on social media by someone you thought you knew that made you second guess everything you believed about that person? If your social media presence doesn't go much beyond conversing with this motley crew of weirdos, what's the last thing you heard someone say aloud that fits the same bill?

4. I just learned that The Doobie Brothers did not write "Jesus Is Just Alright" like two minutes ago. This is akin to when I was first told that Bruce Springsteen wrote and recorded "Blinded by the Light" before Manfred Mann's Earth Band ever got their grubby hands on it. What's the last revelation of this sort that completely blew your mind?

5. Master of None was fantastic. While I've sort of grown weary of Aziz Ansari's stand-up, he has always had an interesting point of view, and I think this was the ideal platform for his voice. When's the last time you realized that the piece of art you were taking in was the perfect platform for the artist to relay his message?

Boner #1: Jesus is Just Alright or Black Water?

Boner #2: Jason or Freddy?