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SB Nation Off-season GM Simulation - Pre-Sim Discussion Thread

Let the rumors fly.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We're putting together the simulation again, with 30 fans taking over for 30 teams. For a look at last year's rules and simulation, see here.

The timeline:

Sunday, November 15, 7pm CT - Simulation begins - teams can trade, negotiate/sign free agents. Club options are due.

Monday, November 16, 9am CT - Qualifying offers on free agents due. Posting bids on Asian free agents due.

Tuesday, November 17, 9am CT - All arbitration-eligible players must be tendered or non-tendered. Non-tendered players go into the free agent pool.

Wednesday, November 18, noon CT - Simulation ends

Spreadsheet of financial information, list of free agentsis here.

Use this thread for pre-game discussion on what you're looking for in trades. We'll officially begin on Sunday at 7 CT, and I'll post a new thread at that time.