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Vote for the SB Nation Hitter of the Year


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

It is award seasons, so its time for Royals fans to do what they do best - stuff the ballot with online voting! Today, we present the SB Nation FanDuel Hitter of the Year Award Presented by Buffalo Wild Wings, part of the SB Nation Progressive Insurance Awards Presented by Taco Bell home of the new Doritos Locos, !Live Mas!. These are not to be confused with the Petsmart Silver Slugger Awards presented by Dr. Pepper which are given out by the BBWAA (brought to you by Cialis) which award excellence in hitting, or the MLB Esurance Awards Presented by which celebrate players on social media such as Twitter. Got that?

The criteria for this award is simple. Who was the best at hitting baseballs thrown by pitchers in Major League Baseball? You can use any statistical measurement - RBI, runs batted in, how many runners a hitter drove in when he hit, etc. Or you can ditch the nerd stats and use your gut. Who felt like they hit the best? Who had grit when the game was on the line? I am sure you can be objective about this.

Vote for the candidates, ranked by wRC, which I assume means "weighted RBI celebrated."