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Royals Rumblings - News for November 17, 2015

Vote Omar to flip the switch at the Plaza Lighting ceremony.

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Royals Rumblings - News for November 17, 2015

David Lesky at Pine Tar Press examines some potential trade candidates for the Royals to acquire for the outfield.

Marcell Ozuna – If there’s one guy on this list who I’d probably go over the top to get, it’s Ozuna. I’m not sure if that is justified, though, as he’s been rough in both 2013 and 2015 surrounding his great 2014 season. His plate discipline isn’t great, and he strikes out a ton, but man that potential. He’ll play the whole 2016 season at 25, and already has a very good season under his belt. I’m not sure what the Marlins could want for him because it’s been well publicized that they’re not happy with him. Ozuna patrolling right field for the Royals could give them a brand new dynamic that we haven’t ever seen from this team. I’d be very interested.

The Mets reach out to Ben Zobrist, but the Yankees are balking at his asking price.

According to industry sources, the Yankees aren’t willing to spend as much as Zobrist likely will receive on the market, even if he does fill a need in the infield and is a switch hitter. Instead, it’s the Mets that figure to make a strong push for Zobrist, whose versatility would allow them to use him at second base and in the outfield. They are among the teams that already have formally reached out to Zobrist’s agent, Alan Nero.

Leigh Oleszcak at KC Kingdom wonders what role Danny Duffy will take on next season.

Back in 2012 when he signed his contract, Duffy tweeted, "Bury me a Royal", which back then was unheard of. The Royals were still bad in 2012 and for a player to say something like that was pretty cool. Duffy has continued to bleed Royal blue throughout the years and it shows. He’s hard on himself when he performs poorly and you could tell not being in the rotation during both postseason runs killed him. More than likely, I would expect Danny Duffy to be back in the starting rotation for 2016. The Kansas City Royals don’t have many other options and Duffy has proven to be a reliable starter at times.

Aaron Stilley at Royals Authority looks at the biggest swings in championship probability added in Royals post-season history.

9. 2015 World Series Game One, down 3-4 bottom of the 9th, one out, nobody on Alex Gordon facing Jeurys Familia championship probability added: 15%

Think of some of the Royals greats who never got to experience the playoffs with Kansas City: Kevin Appier, Zack Greinke, Carlos Beltran, Jeff Montgomery, Mike Sweeney. It looked for a long time like Alex would be added to that list. 2014 took care of that, and then 2015 really took care of it, highlighted by this signature moment.

Your moment of zen.

Kansas City photographers talk about howfun it was to document the Royals championship season.

Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa are your Rookies of the Year.

Jeremy Hellickson, the pride of Des Moines, gets dealt to the Phillies.

MLB may change the rule on replay reviews where the runner slightly comes off the bag.

Next year's pitching free agent class is god awful.

The Cubs may be starting their own television station.

The CEO of the Atlanta Braves claims baseball is not a "widely profitable business."

After a few years out of the game battling injuries and depression, Aubrey Huff is ready for a comeback.

Is Peyton Manning faking an injury so he can duck the Patriots?

Kansas City-born author Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl, will flip the switch at the Plaza Lighting ceremony.

A judge denies a request from daily fantasy sports companies to continue operating in New York.

Lindsay Graham and John Kasich file equal time requests to NBC for allowing Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live.

Gourds would have gone extinct had humans not used them for fall decor.

Your song of the day is alt-J with "Left Hand Free."