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Vote for the Royals' defensive play of the year!

The Royals showed some glove love this season

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We continue with our SB Nation Award season after picking the Hitter of the Year and Pitcher of the Year. Today, we are choosing only from Royals defensive highlights, and brother, the Royals had a few.

April 26 vs. Chicago White Sox, Alex Gordon jumps into the stands for a catch.

May 12 vs. Texas, Alcides Escobar's diving infield catch.

May 26 vs. NY Yankees, Lorenzo Cain leaping grab at the wall

June 4 vs. Cleveland, Alcides Escobar makes a bare-handed grab and throw.

July 9 vs. Tampa Bay, Jarrod Dyson's over the back catch and throw.

July 28 vs. Cleveland, Omar Infante flip to Alcides Escobar for the out at first

Wow. The Royals are good at defense, huh?