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Official Royals Review Parade Meet Up

Let's celebrate!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So our favorite team won the World Series. Now we celebrate.

Earlier today we covered things to know about the parade including the schedule of events, route, and times. Here's the map again:

Obviously the focal point of the whole thing is going to be the celebration rally. That's being hosted in the Union Station parking lot on Pershing near Crown Center. Needless to say the place is going to be packed as tens of thousand of people make their way onto main street downtown.

The route starts up by Sprint Center. We're going to be stationed near the rally point at Union Station. That means that we are at the tail end of the parade, however we'll be front line for the fun stuff once the rally starts.

Let's plan on meeting at 11 o'clock in the WWI memorial parking lot.

In front of the main entrance, after you've come down the long Liberty Memorial Mall drive, there is a little gathering area in front of the memorial entrance.

I'll be there as will several other Royals Review writers and community members. If you need to reach myself then you can either Tweet me or email me (my email is attached to my SBN profile).

Sound off if you are coming and we'll see you there.