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Get your t-shirts commemorating "The Final Out"

Wader, check please!

What to do you get the Royals fan in your life that has everything? What about a t-shirt that features an unhittable cyborg and his floppy-haired teen hearthrob catcher celebrating the most joyous Kansas City sports moment in three decades?

Now available from BreakingT is "THE FINAL OUT", that moment when Wade Davis finally executed his TERMINATION command and ended the Mets season, clinching the championship for the Royals. Is it the best t-shirt in the league? No. BUT WE BEAT EM ANYWAY!

What joy you will receive from buying and wearing this shirt in the 2016 opening series against....the New York Mets! Oh their tears will taste so much sweeter in this shirt. And if Noah Snydergaard has a problem with it, he can meet you 60 feet 6 inches and get a closer look!

You can still get Lorenzo Cain's"Run to Home" and "Yost with the Most" shirts here. Order now and receive in time for the Mets series!