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Royals Review Radio - Episode 14: An Offseason Simulation

Let's simulate!

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In the Matrix, humans are strapped to non-sentient feeding machines that essentially perpetually suck life matter out of them to sustain robotic life. However the humans are inserted into a somewhat digital alternate reality to give them hope. In Inception, a group of professional dream-alterers dubbed "extractors" enter the subconscious and dreams of targets to implant an idea into their consciousness. In Vanilla Sky, the main character authorizes scientists to preserve his body and he enters a 150 year long cryonic dream that goes awry. In Donnie Darko, something happens but nobody can consistently explain the plot.

Over the past week, we here at Royals Review joined with other SB Nation writers to enter into an alternate reality. One should remember though that our alternate reality is a lot less dramatic, fun, and serious as those above. No one was harmed in the process of our alternate reality.

Our alternate reality consisted of taking over the general management of the 30 respected MLB clubs. Those implanted general managers would be given full discretion to sign, release, and trade players to achieve whatever goal they wanted. The results of that alternate reality and more are discussed in the preceding podcast.

Guest include Editor in Chief Max Rieper, East Coast correspondent Joshua K Ward, and media buff Josh Duggan. Your usual co-host for this podcast is consistent fool Shaun Newkirk.

Previous editions can be found on iTunes here. All previous editions are available to stream and download as well through Soundcloud found here.

Topics include:

What the hell even is a manager of the year?

Dayton Moore doesn't pay for relievers

Duggan goes two for two

Joakim Soria: A reunion at hand?

David Glass vs Jeffrey Loria

Giving record money to Noel Arguelles and Bubba Starling

Fallen homies: Tim Melville, Daniel Cortes, Carlos Rosa, etc...

Royals using protection (with their prospects)


Offseason simulation (starting at 1:13:20)

Max being more negotiable with his wife

Lowballing offers

Yankees "get money"

Nationals fans revolt


Introduction: Comeback Kid - Defeated

Outro: Cynthia Harrell - Snake Eater (from the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Soundtrack)